Frequently Asked Questions

How in the world do you say Tir Na Nog and what is it?

Tir = teer (rhymes with beer)

Na = nah (rhymes with baa)

Nog = nohg (rhymes with vogue)


Tir Na Nog is the land of eternal youth and beauty in Irish legend. It was said that people who set foot there would never age, never die, and would be happy and beautiful as long as they stayed there. The most well-known story of Tir Na Nog stars Oisin (uh-sheen) who was a strong and handsome warrior who fell in love with Niamh (neev) after seeing her riding her beautiful white stallion through the forest. I have always loved mythology and symbology, and this particular mythical land sounded like a good fit for a company based on keeping you looking good and staying healthy by avoiding chemicals.


What are lotion bars and how do you use them?

A lotion bar is basically all the good moisturizing, skin-loving (and scent if applicable) parts from lotion without all the added water and fillers and emulsifying agents that are necessary to keep the oils and water from separating. So, you pay only for the good stuff! Plus, since there is no water taking up space or fillers, the container takes up much less space than the equivalent lotion would, and the bar will last much, much longer.


To use a lotion bar, all you have to do is rub the surface along the skin you wish to moisturize. You may or may not desire to further massage it into your skin, but I find it's not usually necessary. The stick form is wonderful for targeted application and keeping your hands clean. It also travels very well, and I like to keep one at my desk, in my purse, scattered around the house, in the car, and anywhere else I'm likely to be!


Coming soon are the hand-held lotion bars and travel-size sticks. Hand-held bars are wonderful for applying to larger areas such as legs or breaking off pieces for applying to extremely dry areas like elbows, hands, and feet overnight (recommended to cover with a sock, gloves, or whatever you don't mind getting greasy) to keep all that goodness from rubbing off on everything else). The recipe I use keeps grease to a minimum, but if you apply a large amount to a targeted area like this, it will take longer to soak in but the end result will be worth it! I like to keep a bar on my desk in the winter or dry weather especially to prevent my hands from cracking. I just rub the dry areas across the bar whenever I think of it for crack prevention.

Why do you use a preservative in the scrubs?

I touched on this on the main page, but a preservative helps prevent the growth of microbials like bacteria and fungus from growing in/on the product which is especially important if contact with water may happen. I highly recommend using a clean dry scoop to get the scrub out and storing the container outside of the shower, but the reality is that it isn't always possible. Accidents happen! So, I take the precaution of including a preservative. Nobody wants a skin infection, especially when you're just trying to take care of your body and look good!

What fragrances do you use?

I try to use essential oils when I can, but it's not always possible to do it safely (think citrus with phototoxicity leading to bad sunburns or wintergreen inhibiting blood clotting or blue tansy interfering with the absorption of some medications) or sustainably (think sandalwood, an endangered species). Plus, many scents are just not possible with essential oils, such as cherry. I have a source for plant-based fragrance oils for some products, but the selection is very limited, and they don't always smell true. Plant-based fragrances make use of plant extracts and isolating scent compounds from natural sources, such as limonene from citrus for the lemony scent. Therefore, the fragrances that are not specified as plant-based or essential oils come from a supplier that carries phalate-free, formaldehyde-free, soy-free, non-GMO, paraben-free, gluten-free, and alcohol-free fragrance oils.


If you're looking for a specific scent or would like more information about a scent I carry, please use the contact form.