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Emulsified Sugar Scrub 4 oz


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The emulsification means the scrub turns into a lotion on contact with water! That's right, a scrub and shower/bath lotion in one easy step. Each tub is 4 oz by weight. Listing is for one (1) tub of sugar scrub.

Shipping temperatures are unpredictable, so the scrub may melt during shipping allowing the sugar to sink to the bottom. The product is still fully useable and can simply be stirred up before first use.


Please note that custom orders may have up to 2 business days production time added, though I can usually get them out the following day.

A star after the scent name (*) indicates the use of all-natural scent from essential oils or plant-based fragrance oils (may use any mix of essential oils, extracts, and/or plant-based fragrance isolates such as limonene from citrus); or it is unscented. Products without the star indicate the use of synthetic fragrance oil.

Ingredients of base scrub: Sugar (sucrose), peach kernel oil, cocoa butter, emulsifying wax NF, cetyl alcohol, tocopherols (vitamin E oil), phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, sorbic acid 

Phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, and sorbic acid are from Optiphen Plus, the non-paraben preservative used.