As of 6/20/2020, I am still able to ship via USPS pickup and have implemented extra sanitation and isolation measures given the Covid-19 concerns. Some products are currently unavailable due to ingredient or container shortage from my suppliers, and I hope to have them back as soon as I can source a quality supply. Thanks for your support and patience in this trying time!

Flat rate shipping $8.50 or free shipping on orders $75 or more! All items in the order must be shipped to the address entered in checkout. If some items are to be shipped to a separate address, a new separate order must be placed. 

I believe simpler is usually better, especially when considering things such as allergies and sensitivities. Therefore, I try to keep every recipe as simple and natural as possible while maintaining a stable, safe, skin-loving product with fun scents (which are often beneficial as well). I also disclose which essential oils, if any, are used in each product in the ingredients list. Nourishing your skin, naturally.

Flat rate shipping $8.50, or qualify for free shipping on all orders $75 or more!